Miner Manual

Procedure of connecting miners to the DecentaMind pool

Mandatory requirements for the farm (even if the farm is a single computer):

  • Be ready to install our version of the operating system, MindOS, on all computers. This is a distribution based on Ubuntu 22.04.
  • Be ready to set up TCP/UDP port forwarding to a white IP address.
  • Be ready to ensure maximum uptime. Progressive bonuses are awarded for uptime above 99%.
  • Have a competent or well-trainable system administrator on the team.

Minimum requirements for computers:

  • At least one NVidia video card with a memory of at least 4 GB.
  • x64 Intel or AMD processors, preferably i3 or higher.
  • At least 4 GB of RAM. Internet connection speed of at least 25 Mbps.
  • At least 100 GB of free disk space.

Desirable requirements for connected computers, for which an additional payment will be provided proportionally to the characteristics:

  • NVidia video cards with memory of 16 GB or more and/or the most modern graphics processors.
  • A processor no worse than Intel i5 or equivalent AMD in terms of performance.
  • 32 GB or more of RAM.
  • Internet connection speed of 100 Mbps or more.
  • At least 1 TB of free space and/or presence of SSD drives in the computer.

Additional payment for the complexity of computer configuration is determined individually based on benchmarking results. Our team is ready to assess the potential for upgrading your farm for minimal cost with maximum efficiency.

Connection procedure (also known as - 7 steps to success):

  1. Register at DecentraMind
  2. Download a benchmark for the operating system installed on your farm and run it on at least 1 computer with the farm's typical configuration. When launching the benchmark, you will need to enter the email used for registration on Decentramind in step 1.

    If your farm uses machines with significantly different configurations, it is recommended to run the benchmark on all configuration variants once. The benchmarking program will collect data about your system and send it to us so that we can calculate the performance of your system from the perspective of our pool and the corresponding reward for renting your equipment.

    If there is no benchmark for your installed operating system in the "downloads" section on our website, contact support via the website chat or Telegram and our specialist will advise on how to test your equipment for compatibility with our reality mining pool.

  3. Wait for our experts to evaluate your farm's configuration and calculate a rental fee offer for your equipment.

    Depending on your equipment capabilities and the current set of tasks facing the pool, you may be offered to connect to the pool immediately or stay on the waiting list until tasks appropriate for your equipment appear. Typically, consideration takes no more than two days.

    The final decision to connect is up to you. There is also an option to connect to our pool for mining the same cryptocurrencies + get an additional benefit if there are reality mining tasks suitable for your farm. We are constantly expanding the range of tasks.

  4. If you decide to connect, download the MindOS distribution.
  5. Install MindOS and, after logging into the system at the first boot (login: user, password: user), enter the username and password specified during registration on DecentraMind at step 1.
  6. Set up what the farm will be doing in its free time (optional, see step 3).
  7. On the seventh step, we rest and get profit as from a regular mining farm, but noticeably more (especially if you have a modern farm). You can also invite your miner friends and receive referral deductions.

Referral Program

Do you want to become a partner of the company? We have a referral program. For each referred miner, you receive 5% of his income, and for each referred client (calculation customer) 10% of his payment. The code for attracting referrals is in your Dashboard.

What other opportunities are there to increase the profitability of the farm?

If the architecture of your farm is closer to datacenter configuration, and meets modern tasks of working with neural networks, AI, image recognition, content processing... then the profit grows exponentially. And often this is achievable with minimal costs by upgrading your equipment. Based on the analysis of benchmarks, our specialists will advise what is most in demand right now and how much you can increase the profitability of the farm by upgrading.

What about cryptocurrency mining?

During downtime (when there are temporarily no reality mining tasks), the farm can be occupied with a "default" task chosen by the owner. For example, cryptocurrency mining, supporting scientific projects, searching for extraterrestrials, or calculating the number π. Our team can give recommendations on the current state of the GPU mining market and other interesting ways to use your systems' free time. To select a "default" task, contact the support service on Telegram.

How much reality has been mined? That is, how much money has been earned. And how to withdraw it?

You can track the current status of your equipment usage and the amount of reward received in Tether USDT on the Dashboard. The reward can be withdrawn starting from the amount of ~20 USDT through the ERC20 network. We will soon add support for TRC20.