MindOS Setup

  1. Download the MindOS ISO Image from
  2. Create a bootable flash drive, using Rufus or an analogous tool
  3. Boot from the flash drive and install MindOS, following the installer instructions
  4. Important: Internet connection is required during the installation. Network configuration setup is available during the setup
  5. It's recommended to use whole disk drive for MindOS installation. Warning: with the default settings, installation would totally and irrevocably erase all the data on that disk
  6. Please wait until all the updates complete. When the setup is done, the system reboots automatically
  7. Note, that the default MindOS user login is
    , and the default password is also
  8. After logging in, use the credentials of your account


  1. Download the benchmark binary for your operation system from
  2. Copy the downloaded
    file to your target system
  3. Make it executable:
    chmod +x DCM_BenchMark
  4. Please, make sure that internet connection is available, before running the benchmark
  5. Execute the benchmark:
  6. Wait for the benchmark to complete. The results will be sent to us automatically, and a copy will be saved as a text file locally