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We create a decentralized computing and storage provider for businesses and science

Just as the Internet is not possible without TCP/UDP protocols, implementation of any web 3.0 solutions needs a ready-made base layer. Web 3.0 services are not based on any central server / node / single point of failure, and the data is distributed over many participants united in a single network

Safer, Faster, Stronger

Advantages of decentralized web are fundamental:


No DDoS attacks

web 3.0 is serverless, because every node acts as a server. Web 3.0 is the most efficient way to counteract DDoS.

No man in the middle

Nobody can infiltrate web 3.0 infrastructure and get in between the nodes and users. Thus, the data can’t be compromised.


Physical proximity

Sometimes physical distance can be a great overhead to HPC. That is why distributed computing is needed for global coverage.

Task sharding

Sharding one big task into multiple enables the network to perform computations faster than most existing cloud HPC solutions.


2x or more data copies

Data stored in the network have at least one copy, so it makes the network virtually a RAID1 cloud solution for any information uploaded into it.

Permanent uptime

The network can’t be shut down, censored or go offline like 2021 Facebook apocalypse. It can survive shutting down up to 50% of the machines and still be operational.

Cornerstone of a new era

Web 3.0 projects have proven to be more efficient and resilient way to store, exchange and compute data in comparison to web 2.0. However the industry lacks some basis to build their solutions on.

Just as the Internet is not possible without TCP/UDP protocols, central servers for data storage and processing, web 3.0 also needs to perform computing and data storage within a distributed network.

Computing and storage within one network

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Our Team

Seed Investor, Project Visionary and Ambassador
Mikhail Danieli
Founder of Decentramind, and a number of High-Tech projects, International Blockchain Community Influencer, Investor.
Chief Executive Officer
Viacheslav Shlyahtych
Head of Sistema Consulting Group. For the past 20 years specialises in mergers and acquisitions, strategic loans, financial modelling. He ran and closed over 30 transactions over the past decade in several sectors including tech.
Chief Technical Officer
Dmitry Buslov
Chief designer deputy of real-time data processing systems for state and military customers, development of software and hardware systems based on UAV for commercial use, development of medical hardware.
Distributed Computing Team Leader
Kirill Fedulov
Kirill develops applications and system software for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android, including drivers and libraries for real-time data exchange for highly loaded systems.