Computing Infrastructure provider

  • We provide computing power as cheap as possible. It is only 0,05 USDT per hour for RTX 3070 maximum usage.
  • You pay by the minute.
  • Flexible fee. The lower you load the GPU the less you pay. E.g. during your dataset upload you may pay only 20% of the price.
what is it all about?

The need for high-performance
computing power and storage of a large
amount of data is growing exponentially.

User generated content, the development of new
technologies that require huge amounts of calculations –
all these factors create a serious lack of computing power.

Our mission is to create a global computing
environment completely free from the dependence
on a single decision maker and the security
weaknesses and performance bottlenecks of
centralised systems.

Safer, Faster, Stronger

Advantages of decentralized web are fundamental:


No DDoS attacks

web 3.0 is serverless, because every node acts as a server. Web 3.0 is the most efficient way to counteract DDoS.

No man in the middle

Nobody can infiltrate web 3.0 infrastructure and get in between the nodes and users. Thus, the data can’t be compromised.


Physical proximity

Sometimes physical distance can be a great overhead to HPC. That is why distributed computing is needed for global coverage.

Task sharding

Sharding one big task into multiple enables the network to perform computations faster than most existing cloud HPC solutions.


2x or more data copies

Data stored in the network have at least one copy, so it makes the network virtually a RAID1 cloud solution for any information uploaded into it.

Permanent uptime

The network can’t be shut down, censored or go offline like 2021 Facebook apocalypse. It can survive shutting down up to 50% of the machines and still be operational.

Cornerstone of a new era

Web 3.0 projects have proven to be more efficient and resilient way to store, exchange and compute data in comparison to web 2.0. However the industry lacks some basis to build their solutions on.

Just as the Internet is not possible without TCP/UDP protocols, central servers for data storage and processing, web 3.0 also needs to perform computing and data storage within a distributed network.

We want to help unite developers and users
with the massively undervalued potential of
GPUs available within the mining community.

Are you a Miner?

Today is a great day to rent
out your mining farm.

With only a few clicks you can join us as a host to
become a cloud provider of your own.

Double your earnings compared to mining.

Apart from the more practical, professional side of things, these technologies and our platform provides many
possibilities for entertainment as well. Take for example hyperrealistic real-time virtual reality, advanced
augmented reality, AI-assisted avatar creation and much more.

Great! So how does one get started?

Our platform unites three different options on a common platform. Feel free to choose yours.

Rent computing power

  • Register on our website.
  • Make a deposit to top up your credits.
  • Select an existing algorithm at the marketplace or create your own.
  • Select a machine – either from the list or by specifying the characteristics. The platform will help you find what you need.
  • During the processing, credits will be taken from your balance. If your credits run out, the instance is suspended. If the balance is not replenished within a day, the lease is terminated and the container is removed.
  • Any remaining credits can be withdrawn as desired.

Become a host

  • Register on our website.
  • Download and install the MindOS operating system.
  • Launch MindOS and log in.
  • Let the software do its job and watch the credits accumulate.
  • Withdraw money when desired.

A mode is now implemented for the miner when the platform administrator registers the miner himself and provides an assembly of the operating system, which starts working immediately after installation.

Provide algorithms

  • Register on our website.
  • Visit our GitHub and follow the instructions.
  • Once ready, make it available on the marketplace (in progress) and specify the desired rental cost per hour.
  • As clients make use of it, credits will be added to your account.
  • Withdraw money when desired.